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Bird Sampler was made for the Mini Game Jam 99: Bird.

In this game you play as a regular bird that goes around an abandon city collecting samples for researchers. These samples could help them find out why people just disappeared from the city. To avoid from you flying away and not doing your task, the researchers have strapped and explosive device on your back and it will blow up if you try landing or try flying away from the city. Though they didn't think much, but now that explosive weights you down, and it’s a bit more difficult to fly and manoeuvre.

The levels are on a grid base generator, meaning each time you play they level lay-out will be different.

Updates for the game could be coming as well. I have some ideas like: New Levels Themes New Game Modes Upgrade/Perk System/Levelling System Shop for Cosmetics and many more.


Any feedback will be appreciated

Install instructions

If the game is not launching, you might be missing the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

You need to download the latest version. Click Here


Bird Sampler.zip 197 MB

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