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Crazy Cubim is an Endless Runner, Timer Killer type game for PC. This has your typical endless random generated levels, with a leveling system, allowing you to get upgrades to help you in your runs. 

I plan on updating the game and adding new content like: New Maps, New Shapes, New Abilites. Maybe new GameModes.

I made this game just for fun, Its my first ever take on a serious game.
I have put a lot of work in it. I hope you guys enjoy playing it.
Its something small but I love working on it.

Current Features:

Different Themed Levels.
Multiple Different Shapes to unlock.
Leveling System.
2 Different type of Abilities.
Perk System.
2 GameModes.
Loot Boxes.

I would love to hear any feedback on the game, and I'll try my best to make the game fun to play.

Install instructions

If the game is not launching, you might be missing the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

You need to download the latest version. Click Here


CrazyCubism 1.4.zip 104 MB

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