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Not Cool Bro, is a game made for the JDE Mid-Summer Game Jam.

The game is short and sweet. Your planet is getting hot yet again, that global warming that people keep talking about or something, but you are a part of a response team that fights against this global warming using special Cooling Units. Cooldown the areas to restore the planets normal temperature. You need to feed the Cooling Unit special crystals that spawn due to the planet over-heating, feeding them to the Unit, can make it over-charge, creating a giant bubble that cools down the area.

I would love to hear any feedback.

Install instructions

If the game is not launching, you might be missing the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

You need to download the latest version. Click Here


NotCoolBro(32Bit).zip 128 MB
NotCoolBro(64bit).zip 148 MB

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